Regional Development Agency implements the project called: „TechnoBIT Venture – knowledge and capital for innovation" – EU co-financed project from European Regional Development Fund. Implemented under the Regional Operational Program "Innovative Economy' measure 3.1 "Initialization of innovative actions".
Main objective
The main objective of the project is the creation of several new businesses based on innovative solutions in the following sectors: information technology, medicine, metal industry, environmental protection, tourism, furniture, printing, plastics, electronics and automation.
I. Preincubation of business ideas
Support in this stage can last up to 12 months and is granted by providing free consulting services with the goal of identification of innovative ideas and investigation of its market potential.
Analysis of the type of innovative solution takes following stages:
a) studies of industrial property rights in regards to the proposed innovative solutions
b) development of the business plan with market analysis and market potential,
c) provision of consultancy services in the field of research - development,
d) capital investment cost-efectiveness analysis,
e) analysis of the business idea and recommendation of the profitability of possible capital investment by the TechnoBIT Venture Programme Council. After positive recommendation of the Programme Council, approval of the ARR S.A Board of Directors business idea is submitted to the PARP in Warsaw for final approval.
f) starting of the new business based on approved innovative solution/idea.

II. Capital Investment.
This stage is a final creation of a new capital company based on the incubated idea. Funds are used to cover ARR S.A shares in the created company in an amount of less than 50% of the whole company capital. All tangible or intangible assets purchased during incubation process will be brought into the new venture as part of the capital investment. In total, in the second stage, the maximum amount of support is 200 000 euro, which constitute de minimis aid as referred in the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006 of 15 December 2006 on the application of Art. 87 and 88 of the Treaty to de minimis aid (OJ. EU L 379 of 28.12.2006).

Project target group:
The project is targeted to individuals and entities that have an innovative idea in the identified industrial sectors with the intention of commercializing that idea and currently do not operate based on it.

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