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MAMBA – Maximised Mobility and Accessibility of Services in Regions Affected by Demographic Change. The project is carried out in cooperation with Bielsko-Biała District. Its aim is to implement new solutions for the mobility of citizens in the areas, which were affected by the demographic changes and with poor accessibility of transport services.

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Project MAMBA is fundend by the Interreg Programme Baltic Sea Region (ERDF, Sustainable Transport).

MAMBA aims to address thinning services in sparsely populated areas and to deliver a new perspective through improved integration of mobility structures. Selected new mobility solutions (such as regional and local “Mobility Centres" (MC) for rural carpooling or fleetsharing) will be created in nine regions affected by demographic change, austerity and other socio-economic challenges. ARRSA will support project partners in  the research and in deliverance of the solutions for rural areas, including the manual for self-organised mobility and suggestions for the policy-makers.


Lead partner:

Diaconie of Schleswig Holstein, Germany


Other partners:

Nordregio, Sweden
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia
Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia
County of Ploen, Germany
County of Cuxhaven, Germany
Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Finland
South Ostorobothnia Health Technology Development Centre, Finland
Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland
Vejle Municipality, Denmark
Public transport company “Sydtrafik”, Denmark
Municipality of Trelleborg, Sweden
Bielsko District, Poland
Bielsko-Biala Regional Development Agency, Poland
Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility - Law, Economics and Policy, Road Transport Administration, Germany


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The project will be implemented from 2017 to mid-2020.