From 12th-15th February there was a second Exchange of Experience in the framework of Innova-Fi project held. The aim of the meeting was to learn about good practices in the area of supporting startups and entrepreneurs through the use of innovative financial instruments.

We had the opportunity to learn how our partners use equity-type instruments to support innovative business concepts and startups. Due to the subject, the representative of the Beskid Technologicy Accelerator also took part in the meeting on behalf of the ARR.

During the study visits, we've visited among others, two institutions dealing with financial and substantive support - both for startups in the early stages of development and those that already sell their innovative products or services and want to expand their markets. Both Startup Lisoba and Portugal Ventures work in the field of supporting local ecosystems as well as internationally. They help local entrepreneurs to appear on the international market, as well as providing campaigns that promote Lisbon as a place where it is worth to set up a new business – eg. Launch in Lisbon program (Startup Lisboa. They also mediate between investors and business angels, and people with innovative business concepts seeking funding sources (Portugal Ventures).

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