Last year, in November, representatives of ARR SA, University of Bielsko-Biała, Startup Podbeskidzie foundation and companies in the field of ICT (DaVinci Studio, Evatronix S.A.) have participated in the delegation to the Brazilian capital of Sao Paolo.

The purpose of the mission organized as part of the International Urban Cooperation Latin America and Carribean (IUC-LAC) project led by ARR SA was to exchange experiences and establish business contacts between representatives of different environments.

During the weekly visit there have been numerous bilateral meetings held as well as conferences and events for a wider audience giving the picture of the specificity of the Brazilian ICT market and the R&D sector.

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We did not have to wait long for tangible effects of the mission - Evatronix S.A. that, among other things, produce and sale of 3D scanners, after meetings and presentations of their equipment, has established a cooperation with Rescanm, which became the official reseller of Bielsko-Biala's 3D scanners in Brazil!

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There are also ongoing discussions between universities - the University of Bielsko-Biała and the Fundacao Instituto de Educacao De Barueri (FIEB) - on the topic of creating joint holiday courses for students, organizing on-line workshops and exchanging experiences in the field of operating technical universities on both continents. There are also offers from other companies prepared, that are tailored to the expectations and specifics of the Brazilian market.

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ARR SA and the CIOESTE - project partners - will continue to coordinate the cooperation of both regions and help in establishing business contacts for interested companies and institutions.

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