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The Watify initiative is an awareness-raising campaign, funded by the European Commission, to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe's industry. Watify is organising an inter-regional matchmaking event on Internet of Things in Brussels, in cooperation with EURADA, SEIMED, Impulse.Brussels and Emilia Romagna – Brussels representation office and the Enterprise Europe Network.


  • Applications, challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Things for SMEs
  • Inter-regional / cross-border value chains
  • Bilateral and multilateral meetings between public and private actors
  • Inter-regional / cross-border cooperation on targeted focus areas.

The objective of the matchmaking event is to facilitate inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between regional public and private sector actors in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration projects in Internet of Things – matching S3 priorities and exploiting identified synergies and complementary resources and strengths. Inter-regional or cross-border cooperation can help to exploit complementarities/synergies (i.e. different value chain positions, technologies, etc.), pool resources and infrastructures across Europe, address non-technological issues (e.g. standards), engage in large-scale demonstration, and enlarge the potential user-base.

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the inter-connectivity of all physical objects (e.g. wearable devices, medical devices, vehicles, machines, household objects, consumer goods, infrastructure assets, etc.), bridged with the cyber world, through the combination of wireless communication technologies, sensors, actuators, machine learning, embedded software, real-time analytics and ubiquitous computing – resulting in 'smart anything, everywhere'. The limitless applications of IoT offers business opportunities and benefits for any industry sector, particularly in manufacturing, transport, consumer goods, energy, agriculture and healthcare.