Business Angels (known as Angel Investors or Informal Investors) – investors investing their own funds, mostly in projects in the start-up phase ("seed") and companies in the early stages of development ("start-up").
Apart from capital, Business Angels share their experience and cooperate with entrepreneurs. For Business Angel investing is often a secondary activity or professional life. Business Angels invest alone or with other Business Angels. Their investments are mostly either directly or through investment vehicles, or quasi-funds (companies located in the country where the head office of the company is placed or in a country with a favourable treatment of investors, i.e. tax havens). Therefore, they are called Informal Investors.

Advantage of Business Angels over other Venture Capital investors is mainly caused by:
• The costs of due diligence and negotiations during the investment will always be lower for the Business Angel than in the case of Venture Capital Fund;
• Monitoring of the investment by Business Angels is much more efficient and usually less expensive compared to the activities of the Venture Capital Fund;
• Business Angel, because he invests his own money, is a very flexible and more assertive partner;
• Business Angel, because he is strictly cooperating with management, can quickly respond to the wrong operational decisions;
• Business Angel is usually the entrepreneur, not a financier, as most of the representatives of Venture Capital Fund are.
A very important role in the development of investment by Business Angels play informational and advisory platforms (Angel Investment Network or Business Angel Network), that link together entrepreneurs looking for capital and Business Angels. They operate under different names in different legal forms, for example private companies, foundations and organizations, not-for-profit organizations. These entities are funded through fees paid by entrepreneurs and investors. /source:

Since March 2014 in Bielsko-Biała operates Beskid Business Angels Network, which was founded and is managed by the company "Beskidzka Sieć Aniołów Biznesu – TECHNOBIT VENTURE Sp. z o.o."

The main aim:
• facilitating private investors to invest in companies from the SME sector,
• increasing access to external sources of financing for companies that want to develop innovative, investment projects,
• management of virtual platform and linking Business Angels with innovative entrepreneurs looking for sources of financing,
• promoting and awareness raising of the benefits and services offered by Beskid Business Angels Network through informational and educational activities.

Beskid Business Angels Network cooperates with Regional Development Agency Bielsko-Biała, which provides entrepreneurs looking for the capital for the implementation of their innovative ideas.
Ideas are presented to Business Angels affiliated in the network and in the case Business Angel is interested in a particular idea, the idea maker adjusts his idea according to the indications and expectations of a Business Angel. Then the Business Angel prepares a pre-investment analysis, and directly negotiates with the idea maker.
More information on Beskid Business Angels Network can be found on: Idea makers looking for the capital for their innovative ideas are therefore invited to fill in the online application form in the tab „Submit an innovative idea".