Beskid Technology Accelerator was established in January 2014.

Beskid Technology Accelerator is a typical example of a regional seed fund to enable entrepreneurs to access the capital in the early stages of development of the project. Accelerator will manage the financial funds originating from the capital exists form the companies which shares Regional Development Agency owns. These funds will be reinvested in further innovative projects.
Innovative ideas submitted within Beskid Technology Accelerator, will be supported through:


In the first stage (Preincubation) support can last up to 6 months and is granted by providing free consulting services with the goal of identification of innovative ideas and investigation of its market potential. Analysis of the type of innovative solution takes following stages:
- development of the business plan with market analysis and market potential and analysis of profitability of capital entry,
- analysis and recommendation of the results coming from Preincubation stage by Beskid Technology Accelerator members and submitting these results to ARR S.A Board of Directors for final approval.
After the Preincubation stage ARR S.A. proceeds to negotiation of the terms of the investment agreement with the selected idea makers.
The investment agreement specifies in detail the method of financing, the size of the investment, the ownership structure of the company, the rights and obligations of the parties, the exit of the investment.
The first stage (Preincubation), and approval of the idea by ARR S.A., will allow to qualify the incubated idea for the second stage – the capital investment.


In the second stage (capital investment) the new capital company obtains the financial support, and ARR S.A. acquires shares in the company in an amount less than 50% of shares.
In total, in the second stage, the maximum amount of support is 200 000 euro, which constitute de minimis aid.
Natural person, legal person, organizational unit without legal personality, which the law recognizes the legal capacity may apply for the financial support within the BTA. They must meet the following conditions:
• Idea maker runs an economic activity (if applicable) and is headquartered in Poland (in the case of a natural person he lives in Poland);
• Idea maker is the creator of an innovative idea or has a right to own it;
Idea maker intends to undertake innovative activity in the second stage, in accordance with the business plan and other documents developed in the pre-incubation stage.