On 23rd January 2018, Krems on Danube in Lower Austria hosted an international conference “Safeguarding Cultural Heritage from Natural and Man-Made Disasters” coorganised by the Danube University and the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council of Italy (ISAC). The city was also a place of the first working meeting of the international project ProteCHt2save co-financed by the programme of European Union – Interreg Central Europe.

As part of the FabLabNet project, from mid-October till mid-December 2017, we organized Pilot Action Community - a series of free trainings, workshops and presentations in the field of 3D printing and spatial modeling.

Christmas RDA ang

Guests from two cooperating agencies from Italy and Portugal visited the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała. The visit was a part of the on-going project Go SIV co-financed by the Programme of the European Commission Horizon2020.


A German town Neumunster in Schleswig Holstein was a place of the international working meeting of the MAMBA, in which the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała is one of 14 partners. The project focuses on finding innovative mobility solutions for persons in the scarcely populated areas and affected by demographic changes. The meeting took place on 15th and 16th November 2017.

European Commission invites companies involved in building of and trading in small passenger ships take part in a targeted consultation on safety goals and functional requirements for them: CLICK HERE